Reggie Roderick "Mr. Mopar"

Reggie Roderick is truly a diehard Mopar man.  This is a Mopar guy that has been offered several high horse powered chevy engines to race in his cars and he has always said “NO”, “I'm Mopar for life.”  Reggie is the owner of the “Shaka 3” Dodge Avenger and has been bracket racing for many years.  He has had several Mopars throughout his racing career, several under the name of “Shaka”.  Reggie is also the owner of “Reggie Powered” Engines.  He has several bracket cars sporting his company logo.  As an engine builder, he is always there to support his customers, whether at the shop or at the track.  We congratulate Reggie Roderick for all his hard work and for keeping it real.


SHAKA 2                                                SHAKA 3        

Kevin Banks Hitting the Super Chevy Circuit
(The following story was submitted by Kevin Banks in his own words - Edited by "QMB")

I was first introduced to the love of cars by my dad Robert and to drag racing by my older brother Bobby at Aquasco Speedway.  When I finally was able to race myself I got into class racing with a 65 Corvette running in D/Gas, at the same time I was a Professional Musician with Atlantic Records.  Once they found out about my racing that put a halt to it. After retiring from the music industry I was able to pursue my love of racing again.  I ran another 65 Corvette now in Super Gas that I still have and my current ride is a 63 Corvette that I run in the brackets.  In May of 2007 I will turn 50 and for my birthday year I plan to run several of the Super Chevy races including Route 66, Indy and Gainesville.


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