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Peter Turgeon Lives Up to The True Meaning of Honesty

Peter Turgeon, a member of the "Reggie Powered" Racing Engines Team, lives
up to the true meaning of honesty. On Saturday, July 9, 2011 at Maryland Int'l
Raceway Peter found an envelope on the ground while walking through the pits.
But this wasn't just any old envelope; this was a bank envelope with money inside.
Some would have said "Oh boy this is my lucky day" but not Peter.
His first thought was to return the money to it rightful owner. And that he did;
he took the money to the tower and the money was return to its owner.

During our interview with Peter we asked him what made him turn the money in and
he said it was just the right thing to do. He felt that when you do good things for others
you in return will be blessed. And as fate would have it; later in the day as Peter was
racing the steering wheel on his GTO came off during a launch off the starting line
and Peter was able to bring the car to a safe stop without any damage.

Belief and Honesty has its rewards.

Wesley Washington Jr. Goes to the Final in Top Dragster
at the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular

Wesley Washington Jr. goes to his 9th final round of the 2011 season on
Sunday, July 10, 2011 at Maryland International Raceway. Wesley was in
competition in the Top Dragster Class at the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular;
with a $5 K purse in each class this race brought out a lot of the heavy hitters.
As one of those heavy hitters, Wesley came to win. But fell a little short;
losing in a tight race in the final round of competition in Top Dragster.

We Congratulate Wesley on another great final round appearance.    

The Team of Brodsky and Smith Wins in Top Eliminator
at the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular

Dave Brodsky
2007 S&W Dragster
Troy Smith

Dave Brodsky along with his team mate Troy Smith worked together to
claim the victory in Top Eliminator on Sunday, July 10, 2011
at the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular at Maryland International
Raceway. With Dave behind the wheel of his 2007 S&W dragster
and Troy on the starting line; this team was unbeatable.

We Congratulate Dave and Troy on a great win.

D'Andre Holmes Wins Runner-up in Junior Dragster
at the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular

D'Andre Holmes goes to the final in Junior Dragster on Sunday, July 10, 2011
at Maryland Intl Raceway during th IHRA Sportsman Spectacular event honor
40 years of sportsman racing. D'Andre went six rounds to the final.
We applaud D'Andre on his runner-up win.

Our Young Brothers and Sisters Representing in Junior Dragster
at the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular

QMB would like to Congratulate all our young Brothers and Sisters who
competited in Junior Dragster at the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular held
at Maryland International Raceway on July 9 & 10, 2011.

Jonathan Edwards
Dink Holmes
Marasia Laster
Mariah Laster
Kai Poindexter
Malik Poindexter
Savannah Proctor

DragBike.com "Person of the Week" Recognizes
(All Photos courtesy of DragBike.com)

DragBike.com "Person of the Week"
July 6, 2011

(Click Here to View Full Story at DragBike.com)

Congratulations go out to James Hall
for being selected by DragBike.com as "Person of the Week" .

A special thanks to Keith Kizer from DragBike.com
for giving us permission to use the photo for this story.

Delante Green Last "Brother" Standing in Top Eliminator
at Maryland International Raceway

Delante Car

Delante Green goes 5 rounds in Top Eliminator on Saturday, July 2, 2011
at Maryland International Raceway. Making him the Last "Brother" Standing
in competition in Top Eliminator. We Congratulate Delante for making it
to the 5th round and for being the Last "Brother" Standing.


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