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"A Look Back at Aquasco Raceway"

Your editorial on Aquasco brought back many fond memories , my father was the nascar & nhra record holder at capitol & aquasco from 1965 - 1968 with a 1960 pont.catilina named PAWNEE C/STOCK AUTOMATIC, MY FATHERS NAME WAS SAM SAMUELS, I have a picture of him in front of the tower in his car taking off when the light went green at aquasco and it is a good shot of the timing tower,I am 49 now and I spent every weekend of my young life at both of these dragstrips and I remember them like it was yesterday,and in memory of my father.

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"In Memory of Sam Samuels"

Submitted by Phil Samuels

"My Dad (Sam Samuels - C/Stock/Automatic NASCAR & NHRA Record Holder 1965-1968 at Capitol Raceway and Aquasco), Bob Maxey, Fred Frye were all well known and respected back in the day when bracket racing was the thing, they use to match drag every weekend with the owner of Capitol (Mike Maiatico) back in the 1960s. I spent my entire childhood at both tracks and still remember them like it was yesterday. I've seen all the greats in the drag racing memories Hall of Fame, when I was teenager I helped many great funny car drivers, Bruce Larson - U.S.A.-1, Malcolm Durham - Strip Blazer (Seen him go thru the woods when his chute didn't open at the Aquasco); Mike Burkhart - Donovans; Don Prudome - Snake; Tom McEwen - Mongoose; I mixed fuel, changed tires, wet tires for burnouts, road in the return trucks and got food & drinks. My father was one of the pioneers of the local dragstrips and over the years forgotten. Almost all of the old racers are dead now and your article gave back a little life to Aquasco; a time in my life that I will never forget. "

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 A Look Back At Aquasco Speedway
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