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(Updated 12/30/08 )

Drag Racing Stories

OSBA Adds Index Racing in 2009

The Outlaw Small Block Association (OSBA) will be adding four (4) heads-up index classes to its 2009 program. They are 9.00, 10.00, 11.50 and 13.00 sec. indexes. This will give some added excitement to the already established small block racing program. These classes are in addition to the already established C/1, C/2 and Unlimited classes. C/1 class (2350 lb all motor) will be re-named “Pro Stock” and C/2 (2750lb all motor) will now be called “Extreme Modified”. Unlimited class will remain the same. This change was implemented to give more character to these classes and if you saw them run in 2008, you can relate. The OSBA will again host the 275 Drag Radial cars again in 2009. We are also looking to add an Extreme Unlimited class, which would be a true run what you brung small block class. In this class there would be no weight limit, no bore spacing limit, any chassis and power adders would be allowed.

The OSBA wants to give all of it’s racers a chance to win. Some of our racers could not compete in the OSBA classes and should not be penalized for this. Index racing gives everyone in the field an opportunity to be competitive in an all heads-up racing field. Our Index program nicknamed OSBA vs. the World is designed to allow other engine sizes including big blocks a chance to compete against our strong contingent of small block racers. Somewhat of an index grudge race, so to speak. We are looking at Index racing as old school/new school heads up drag racing. Index racing will pay less to win, but will pay more racers on race day.

What is Index racing? This means you pick one of the indexes groups that your car is capable of running. To win you must be first to the finish line but, you cannot run faster than your index! All races are heads-up format with a .400 pro tree. During a race if you run faster than the index time, you will be disqualified. If both cars run faster than the index time, the one that runs the closest to the index wins.

We will hold the OSBA Index World Series at VMP in September. Get your cars ready for the challenge and the excitement of driving to the end. Oh yea, did I mention that 80% of the races will be won at the starting line. Are you ready?

For more info check out:  www.osbadrag

The OSBA is still looking for event sponsors. If interested please email bill@obsadrag.com  or call (571) 259-3148.

"Quarter Mile Brother of the Year" for 2008 Goes to:

Will Mitchell
"2008 Quarter Mile Brother of the Year" In Top ET (Open Body)

We selected Will Mitchell as our "2008 Quarter Mile Brother of the Year" In Top ET (Open Body) because of his true determination and drive to win (5) finals to claim the title of "Track Champion" at Capitol Raceway. One of those (5) wins was in the Natl Dragster Challenge race; which allowed Will to competite in the Race of Champions were he finished in the runner-up position.

Delante Green
"2008 Quarter Mile Brother of the Year" In Top ET (Door Car)

We selected Delante Green as our "2008 Quarter Mile Brother of the Year" in Top ET (Door Car) because of his numerous wins at his home track of Colonial Beach Dragway and for his wins at Sumerduck Speedway; Maryland International Raceway (Mophar Eastern Classic). Delante showed us that he has what it takes to win at any track.

Rufus Hill
"2008 Quarter Mile Brother of the Year" In Mod ET

"King of the Beach"

"Track Champion"

Rufus Hill was our pick for "2008 Quarter Mile Brother of the Year" in Mod ET for his outstanding performance at Colonial Beach Dragway, appearing numerous times in the winner's circle. Rufus won the title of "King of the Beach" winning in Mod ET both days during that event. Rufus was also awarded the title of "Track Champion" in Mod ET.

Kev Richardson
"2008 Quarter Mile Brother of the Year" in Motorcycle

We selected Kev Richardson as our "2008 Quarter Mile Brother of the Year" in Motorcycle because of his amazing performance at Northeast Dragway. Kev finished the season with 10 wins and clinch the #1 spot in the points with over 300 points to claim the title as the Motorcycle "Track Champion" at Northeast Dragway.

QMB would like to Congratulate Will, Delante, Rufus and Kev
on an outstanding season and for being our "2008 Quarter Mile Brothers of the Year".


More on Booth Trucking and Matt Suite
2008 Pro Outlaw Doorslammers Championship Winner

As we report back in November; Booth Trucking took the over all points lead in the Pro Outlaw Doorslammer Series winning the 2008 Championship. Click here to read more on their victory.


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