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A Tribute to ADRL Pro Stock Driver Bert Jackson . . . May He R.I.P.

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Mike Henry Wins the "Big Show" in Pro Slammers
(Story and Photos Submitted by Mike Henry - San Francisco,CA)
Mike Henry and his D&M Racing Team rolled into the 42nd Annual Governor's Cup Championship on Saturday, September 17, 2011 with one thing on their minds,
taking home the prestigious gold cup.  Henry who had been to 4 finals this season knew the car was coming around and that the weather conditions would help his home built 565ci single stage nitrous engine.  But before anything could happen the team ran into a transmission problem the day before the race.  They called up Greg at Golden Gate Transmissions and he got everything rebuilt that night which had the team thrashing late.  Off the trailer Henry ran a 7.09 on a shake down pass in preparation for 7.0 Pro Slammers first qualifying session.  All went well until he lost a 2x2 piece of fiberglass out
of the right front fender which also broke the right side door glass.  They called on Perry Brown and Slim to get some quick glass repair done before the first call.  With the
weather coming around Henry put a little too much in it and shook on a 7.27 pass.
By the time qualifying was over Mike Henry stepped up to the #1 with a 7.09 and had to face the toughest car in the class, the blown 1966 Nova owned by the points leader Mike Doushgounian.  "I was very focus this weekend and I wasn't going to let anyone get in my way of the win. I knew we had a high 6.90 tuneup in it so it was all about driving.  I cut an ok light and took the win with a 7.06 to his losing 7.09.  That was the biggest race of the event and I just kept marching forward", says Henry.  It was all blowers in the other lane including the final when he had to face Ken Christiansen in his blown Corvette.  The blown car had a huge advantage off the starting line but Henry's nitrous car took the stripe. 
"This was a huge win for my team, my friends and family.  We've been doing this for 12 years now and this was by far my best season, with the best association.  We have never had a major sponsor, just a bunch of people that want to see me do good supporting us with what ever they could.  But it was special because my friend and nitrous instructor Pat Watson was there with his family, my engine instructor Luther Lane was with me on the phone and most of all my wife Deneitra, son Mike and daughter Mieshael were at my side.  That's what this is about, that's what this is about", says Mike Henry
The team finished 2nd in the points chase, behind by only 33 points and looks
forward for 2012 when the Pro Slammers Door Car Association index drops to 6.90. 
They would like to thank all of their sponsors and supporters:
Kustom Koffins Apparel
DXL Transport
Lane Power
IBEW Local 6
Gotelli Speed Shop
Golden Gate Transmissions
Bunker's Race Cars
Pat Watson Racing
If interested in sponsoring this team you can contact them at www.mikehenryracing.com

Al Harris Goes to the Semi Finals in Top Eliminator at Capitol Raceway

Al Harris goes to the semi-finals in Top Eliminator at Capitol Raceway on Saturday,
August 20, 2011. Al was deadly off the tree, cutting a perfect reaction time in the 4th Round. We Congratulate Al for being the last "Brother" standing.

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