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Drag Racing Stories

Wendall Howard Wins $20K at Mini Millions Race at Piedmont Dragway

(Photo Taken from DragCoverage.com)

Wendall Howard clinches the win in the $20K Top Eliminator Mini Millions Race held at Piedmont Dragway. The race was originally sheduled for Thursday, August 16 thru Sunday, August 18, 2013. However due to the forecast for rain on Saturday and Sunday, the track officials decided to run the (2) $20K races on Friday, August 17, 2013. And boy did that
pay off big for Wendall. In the 2nd $20K Race on Friday Wendall went 8 rounds, in
a field of close to 150 cars, to turn on the win light in the final. Taking home $20K.

We Congratulate Wendall on an Amazing win or
should we say an Incredible "Hulk" win ! ! !

Tarrell Sinkler Goes to the Final in the $10K Top ET Race
at Maryland International Raceway

Tarrell Sinkler goes 8 rounds to the final in a $10K Top Eliminator Race held at Maryland International Raceway on Saturday, August 17, 2013. Taking home the Runner-up Win.

We Congratulate Tarrell on his outstanding performance and on his Runner-up Win !

Darrell Mahoney Continues His Winning Streak in
Motorcycle at Maryland International Raceway

(Photo taken from MIR Drag Website)

Darrell Mahoney continues his winning streak at Maryland International Raceway on Saturday, August 17, 2013. Taking home his 3rd win in 3 weeks in the Motorcycle Eliminator Class.

We Congratulate Darrell on final round victory and wishes him continued success.

Ken Dabney Takes the Win in Junior Dragster at Richmond Dragway

(Photo Taken from Richmond Dragway Website)

Ken Dabney hops into a new Junior Dragster and goes 5 rounds to a final round
victory on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at Richmond Dragway .

We Congratulate Ken on his final round victory.

Tony Washington "Last Brother Standing" in Gamblers Race
at War on Wheels at Maryland International Raceway

Tony Washington gets down to the last (6) cars in the gamblers race held at
"War on Wheels" on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at Maryland International Raceway.
Earning him the title of "Last Brother Standing" in the gamblers race.

We Congratulate Tony for being the "Last Brother Standing."

Leonard Langhorne Goes to the Winner's Circle in
Outlaw Doorslammer at Piedmont Dragway

(Photo Taken for Piedmont Racway Website)

Leonard Langhorne takes home the win in Outlaw Doorslammer
at Piedmont Dragway on Thursday, August 8, 2013.

We Congratulate Leonard on a great win.

William Brown III Picks up His 2nd Win in ADRL Top Sportsman
and Moves to #1 in the Points in Top Sportsman

(Photo taken from Competition Plus Website)

William Brown III
goes to the winner's circle in Top Sportsman at the ADRL Memphis
Drags IV Race held on August 2-3, 2013 at Memphis International Raceway.
Making this his 2nd win in the 2013 ADRL Series and moving him to the #1 spot in the points.

We Congratulate William on an outstanding win and for moving
into #1 spot in the ADRL Top Sportsman Points.

With only 2 more races left in the 2013 ADRL Series we wish William continued success.

Travis Harvey is Currently #1 in Top Dragster
and #2 in Pro Mod Points in the 2013 ADRL Series

Top Dragster # 1 Qualifier
(Photo taken from Competition Plus Website)
Travis Harvey
Pro Mod #2 Qualifier
(Photo taken from Competition Plus Website)
Vaughn Myles

Travis Harvey is truly making his mark in the 2013 ADRL Series by competing in (2) classes (Pro Mod and Top Dragster). With only two more events left in the 2013 ADRL Series,
is currently #1 in ADRL Top Dragster Points and #2 in the ADRL Pro Mod Points.

We Congratulate Travis a great accomplishment and we wish him continued
success as he moves into the last (2) races for the 2013 ADRL Season."

QMB Welcomes
Isiah Payne
to Our QMB Racer's Profile Directory

Welcome to Quarter Mile Brothers where drag racing is all about the "Brothers".

Isiah Payne - Mod Eliminator
Capitol Raceway (MD)

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