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(Updated 8/14/08 )

Drag Racing Stories

Larry's North Defeats RJ's South at Virginia Motorsports Park

What a great day for a race, the weather was just right for the racers and the fans were geared up for a fun filled day at the North vs South Race (Sponsored by R.J. Productions and Custom T's of D.C.) at Virginia Motorsports Park on Saturday, August 8, 2008. The track was packed with fans and racers. The North and South cars were in full force. As you all may remember, Larry T's North defeated RJ's South (6 wins to 2) back in May. Larry T's North came prepared to retain their title while RJ's South came for revenge. But in the end it was Larry T's North pulling off another victory, winning 5 races over RJ's 3 wins. We would like to Congratulate Larry, RJ and all the racers for putting on a great show. Thank you Larry and RJ for the invitation and we look forward to your next race. We would also like to extend a special thanks to the Crusher Motorsports Team for their warm hospitality by providing us with lots of good food and drinks on Saturday.

Message from Larry T & RJ

"We would like to express our thanks to all the racers and fans who came out to support. You all helped to make the North vs South Race a overwhelming success."


Recap of the North Vs South Race at Virginia Motorsports Park

Bad Habit (S) Vs Crusher Motorsports (N)

Crusher Motorsports (North) took the win with a 7.47 @171.82 over Bad Habit (South) running a 7.72 @138.68.

Jessie Grant (S) Matt Vs Suite (Booth Trucking) (N)

Matt Suite (N) driver for Tim Booth of Booth Trucking took the win with a 6.59 @212.53 over
Jessie Grant (South) of Grant Brother's Racing running a 6.56 @213.27.

Marc Hayes (N) Vs Bert Jackson (S)

Bert Jackson (South) took the win running a 6.40 @219.65 over Marc Hayes (North) who ran a 6.56 @223.06.

Lindsey Thomas (Thundergoat) (N) Vs Tony Mangrum (S)

Lindsey Thomas (North) took win running a 6.72 @ 200.89 against Tony Mangrum who ran a 6.88 @ 198.93.

Jim Teachman (S) Vs Kenny Ferguson (N)

Kenny Ferguson (North) running a 6.74 @208.20 took the win over Jim Teachman (South) who ran a 6.70 @ 203.89.

Wayne Woodard (N) Vs Steve King (S)

Steve King (South) ran a 6.88 @ 151.89 to take the win over Wayne Woodard (North) who let out before the finish line.

Maurice Bea (S) Vs Ken Griffin (N)

Ken Griffin (North) running a 6.83 @201.73 won the race over Maurice Bea (South) who let out before the finish line.

Troy Henderson (N) Vs. William Brown III (S)

William Brown III (South) ran a 6.78 @ 203.22 to take the win over Troy Henderson (North) who ran a 6.78 @ 199.76.

The Battle of Larry T's North vs RJ's South ended with (5) Wins for the North (Crusher Motorsports, Booth Trucking, Lindsey Thomas, Kenny Ferguson & Ken Griffin) and (3) Wins for the South (Bert Jackson, Steve King & William Brown III). Congratulations to Larry T and the North Team.


Marc Hayes Last "Brother" Standing in Quick 16 at Virginia Motorsports

In a competition of more than 30 cars competiting to qualify for a spot in the Quick 16 at Virginia Motorsports on Saturday, August 9, 2008, Marc Hayes qualified #4 with a 4.13 @178. Marc was one of two cars left in the race when they decided to split the win. We would like to Congratulate Marc on his outstanding driving skills and for being the last "brother" standing in the Quick 16 Race.


The Return of the Red Rocket - "The Ken Griffin Come Back Story"
(Story Submitted by Ken Griffin)

The Davis/Griffin Motorsports team returned to action August 9, 2008 to try and represent the North for Sponsor Larry Thompson of Custom T's of D.C. This would be the first time back at the track since the crash at Mountain Motor Nationals at Maryland Int'l Raceway, Budds Creek, MD.

"We picked the car up two weeks ago and have been working on putting back together for this race. We got everything done and loaded on Thursday evening when longtime crewmember Chuckie Wilkins came by to help put the car in the trailer. Friday we hooked up to the motorhome so that we could pull out around 7. Dad, my crew chief Royce Smith, and I headed to VMP in hopes of getting some data on the tune up and to take baby steps. We got to the track went through tech, warmed it up for a shake down. 7.87 120 mph in the quartermile. We came back went through the valve train and found two broken valve springs so we went out to try and qualify for the Quick 16. We ended #15 after the first session with a 4.46 in the 1/8th. I knew it was going to be a fast field but I stuck to the plan of taking baby steps and only turned it up 200 rpm on the launch. The car worked perfect but we came up a little short of the show ending up in the 18th spot. This did not disappoint me as I was happy that the chassis was working and we have plenty left in it. So then came my turn to represent the North against fellow POD Racer and Board Member Maurice Bea. I know Maurice can go pretty quick so we decided to turn it up a little bit more. That resulted into a 6.83 @ over 201 mph through the quartermile which left the Davis/Griffin Motorsports team very happy and confident for the remainder of the season!!

We would like to thank: Eugene Davis Enterprises and all of it's employees, Car City of Nokesville and all of it's employees, Custom T's of D.C., G.D.C. Trucking, Franklin Electric, Roger's Automotive, Billy Albert Racing Engines, J.M.R.C.,Performance Auto Crafters & Barney Squires for the beautiful job on the paint, Jim Yates Racing, and Quarter Mile Brothers for their continued support.


DiAndre "Dink" Holmes Gets Runner-Up in Junior Dragster
at Richmond Dragway

DiAndre "Dink" Holmes goes to the final in Junior Dragster on Saturday, August 9, 2008 at Richmond Dragway in Richmond, VA. We Congratulate Dink on his runner-up win.


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