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(Updated 6/25/08 )

Drag Racing Stories

Wesley Washington Jr. Wins the 1st $5,000 Races Held at MIR

Wesley Washington, Jr. in his 2004 Race Tech Dragster went (8) rounds on Saturday, June 21, 2008 at Maryland International Raceway to take home the win in Top ET at the 1st $5,000 (1/8) mile race. Wesley dialing in on a 4.79 ran a 4.791 @ 138.13 mph to take the win over Phil Noel in the final. We Congratulate Wesley, Dubey and Shelby on a great win.


Mr. Beans "Last Brother Standing" in 2nd $5,000 Race at MIR

John "Mr. Beans" Douglas was the last "Brother" left in the race in Top Eliminator in the 2nd $5,000 (1/8) mile race held at Maryland International Raceway on Saturday, June 21, 2008. The race was not completed due to curfew. The purse was split between the remaining drivers in competition. We Congratulate "Mr. Beans" for being the "Last Brother Standing."


Will Mitchell Wins Class I at Capitol Raceway

Will Mitchell and his crewmen Brian Norman make a perfect team. With Will behind the wheel and Brian dialing the car in - its no stopping them. It was their team work that took them to the winner's circle in Class I at Capitol Raceway on Saturday, June 21, 2008.

We Congratulate Will and Brian on a great win.


Terry Phillips Iowa Native Still Active in Hot Rodding

Read the full story on Terry Phillips by clicking on this link http://www.onwheelsinc.com/information/motorsports/


"Brothers"in Competition at President's Cup Nationals at MIR

Sylvester Barnes
Bert Jackson
T.J. Jones

Kevin Duncan & James Johnson


Dale Brady
Travis Harvey


Latchman Hansraj
Wesley Washington, Jr.


Gynell Simms
Jimmy Spell


Richard Alford
Pie Dent
Trone Hargrove
Franklin Harvey


Trone Hargrove
Travis Harvey
Jerron Settles


Greg Avent
Steve Carter
Darly Pinder


Ron Davis
Kim Gladney
Damien Gross
Darrel Jackson
Layton Sumpter
Ron Waters

We extend Congratulations to all the "Brothers".

(We apologize to anyone that we may have missed.)


Robert & Jordan Walters Are Too Legit to Quit
(Story Submitted by Robert "Mann" Walters)

Robert (Mann) Walters and Jordan R. Walters (father & son) brought a Duster in 2001, which had a (6) six banger, it was very clean. Then in 2006 we brought a Scamp, which needed a lot of work.  My son and I repaired and restored the Scamp ourselves. We had the Duster tubed out my a professional frame builder.  I've been going to various tracks over the past forty years, my son has been going with me also, since he was three years old. He is now twenty-eight.  I've owned some very clean street cars and done a lot of street racing.  We've decided to build the Duster as a pro race car and the Scamp as a street/track car. 
WE ARE TOO LEGIT TO QUIT.........................AND COMING SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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