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Drag Racing Stories

Shayne Proctor is Crowned Winner and Runner-up
in Motorcycle Event at Capitol Raceway

Photo taken by D&S Photography

Shayne Proctor decided to enter both his motorcycles into competition on
Saturday, May 28, 2010 at Capitol Raceway. And it paid off; Shayne ended
up in the final on both motorcycles giving him the title of Winner and Runner-up.
We Congratulate Shayne on his incredible final round appearance.
Making it an all "Brother" Final; or should we say an all "SHAYNE" Final.

Terry Logan Takes Home the Championship Belt
in QMB Top Sportsman Shootout

Terry Logan knocked out a win in the final of the QMB Top Sportsman Shootout on Sunday, May 29, 2011 at Custom Ts 4th Annual Doorslammer Nationals. And took home the "Championship Belt" when he cut a .004 reaction off the line in the final against Mike Anderson who ran dead on his dial but was a little late off the tree giving Terry the advantage and the win. Terry was also #1 Qualifier of the event running a 4.75 ET.

We Congratulate Terry on his final round victory and for being #1 Qualifier.
and we Congratulate Mike on his Runner-up Win.
We would like to thank both Terry and Mike for participating in our race.

(Click Here to View Video of the Final Round)

Terry Logan (Winner)

Mike Anderson (Runner-up)

Sumpter, Green, Harrod and Thomas Finish in Top Four
in the Gamblers Race at Custom Ts Doorslammer Nationals

And then there was four, thats right it came down to four "Brothers"
in the Gamblers Race on Saturday, May 29, 2011 at Custom Ts 4th Annual
Doorslammer Nationals held at Maryland International Raceway.
Layton Sumpter
took the win over
Delante Green in the final and Paul Harrod and Bruce Thomas
finished in the semi-finals. Making it an all "Brother" Final and Semi-Final.
We Congratulate
Layton,Delante, Paul and Bruce on their outstanding performance.

(Click Here to View Video of the Final Round)

Layton Sumpter (Winner)

Delante Green - Runner-up
Paul Harrod - Semi Finals
Bruce Thomas -Semi Finals

William Brown Runner-up in the 4.40 Class at
Brown's Memorial Day Race at Outer Banks Dragway

William Brown goes to the final in the 4.40 Class at the Brown's Annual
Memorial Day Race at Outer Banks Dragway on Saturday, May 28, 2011.
We Congratulate
William on his Runner-up Win.

Two All "Brother" Finals at Richmond Dragway

Mark Crump and Wayne Mickens Face Off in the Final in Top ET
Mark Crump (Winner)

Congratulations goes out to Mark Crump on his win in
Top Eliminator on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at Richmond Dragway.

And we would also like to Congratulation Wayne Mickens on his Runner-up finish.
And we applaud them both Mark and Wayne for making it an all "Brother" final.

Wayne Mickens (Runner-up)
(Photos Taken from Richmond Dragway Web site)

Josh Edwards and DiAndre Holmes Go to the Final in Junior Dragster
(Photo Taken from Richmond Dragway Web site)

Josh Edwards goes up against DiAndre Holmes in the Junior Dragster
Final at Richmond Dragway on Saturday, May 28, 2011. Congratulations go out to Josh on his final round victory and to DiAndre for his runner-up.
And we thank Josh and DiAndre for making it an all "Brother" final.

Josh Edwards (Winner)
DiAndre "Dink" Holmes (Runner-up)

A Special Thank You to
May 2011 QMB Contributors

QMB would like to express a very special thank you to the following individuals
who made contributions to our website in May 2011:

Custom T's of DC Racing
Rose & Robert Parker and Family
Oral Chambers Jr.
Paul Harrod
David Hyman
Kenny Elam "UpTown Automotive"
Jeff Barbour
Bobby Butler
Vince @ UpTown Automotive
Carl Johnson
Troy Sparrow
Robin Bailey
Wesley Washington Jr.
Linwood Morris
Lamont Coefield
Wardell Pinkney
"Big Tim" Crippen

Thank you for your support in helping us to continue to bring to you and our readers
the best that the "Brothers" have to offer in the world of drag racing.
We couldn't do without your support.

As Always Thanks for Being a Quarter Mile Brother.

Special Message
QMB respects your privacy and if you do not wish to have your
name published; please notify us when you send in your contribution.

(It is our goal to list each individual who has contributed to the website for each month in 2011
- if you feel your name has been missed please notify us so that we can check our records.)

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