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(Updated 1/24/08 )
Drag Racing Stories

Condolences Go Out To Robert Brooks & Fonda Dandridge

QMB would like to express our deepest condolences to Robert Brooks and Fonda Dandridge on the passing of their son, Terrance Dandridge, who passed away on Monday, January 21, 2008. The funeral for Terrance will be held in West Virginia.

We ask that you keep Brooks, Fonda and their family in your thoughts and prayers.


Bill Harris Launches a New Small Block Program (OSBA)


Most of you might remember Bill Harris from the Mopar Eastern Classic at Maryland International Raceway where he qualified #1 in Top Sportsman or from B&T Motorsports. Bill has started a new racing association called the "Outlaw Small Block Association" (OSBA). The Outlaw Small Block Association” (OSBA) is a newly formed organization created for drag racers utilizing the small block V8  engine to make their drag racing power. The purpose of the association is to create a drag race environment where racers, engine builders and vendors supplying the parts for the smaller cubic inch engines can come together in one venue. This allows them an opportunity to showcase their talents, have fun doing so, while at the same time delighting the drag racing fan with something new and exciting. To find out more about this new and exciting program and how you can become a member please visit www.osbadrag.com


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