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(Updated 1/9/08 )
Drag Racing Stories
Joe Proctor "Still Gettin It Done"
(The following story was submitted by Betty Proctor in her own words - Edited by "QMB")



Joe "Bobby" Proctor a die heart racer began his racing career in the early 60's at Aquasco Raceway in Aquasco, MD driving his dad's 1956 Chevy. He saved enough money to buy a new 1958 Chevy with that he would race at the Aquasco on the weekend and during the week he would race on 301; 50 and any back road in Charles County, just say race and he would be there. His racing career was put on hold in 1963 when he was drafted. When he returned home in the late 60's he still had racing in his blood he returned to the track in a 1955 Chevy that won numerous trophies. In 1980 he got a 1968 Vette turning low 10s, he still had the need for speed so he purchased a 1968 Camaro turning 8.90s and 8.80s. You can find Bobby and his family at the top of the hill every Saturday at Capitol Raceway in Crofton, MD. Bobby is the person everyone looks for when they need a part. Bobby has won the "Gentlemen of the Year" award at Capitol Raceway several times - the back of his car says it all "Still Gettin it Done".

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